L. A. Orbeli Institute of
Physiology NAS RA


023 Specialized Council of the Orbeli Institute of Physiology

Name Scientific degree Position Cypher
Levon Manvelyan Corr.-member NAS RA Chairman Գ.00.09
Vaghinak Sargsyan D Sc, prof. Vice-chairman Գ.00.09
Narine Sahakyan D Sc member Գ.00.09
Narine Tadevosyan Ph D Secretary Գ.00.09
Stepan Grigoryan D Sc member ԺԴ.00.10
Knarik Kazaryan D Sc member Գ.00.09
Vergine Chaushyan-Papyan D Sc member Գ.00.09
John Sargsyan D Sc, prof. member Գ.00.09
Rafik Sargsyan D Sc member Գ.00.09
  • The Council is authorized to hold defenses of thesises for doctoral and candidate degrees of sciences, specialty- Human and Animal Physiology - Գ .00.09 /Natural Sciences/

  • Validity duration of the specialized council is till 31.12.2018
Secretary of the council: PhD Narine Tadevosyan
e-mail: narine.tatevosyan@mail.ru