L. A. Orbeli Institute of
Physiology NAS RA


About the Institute

The main scientific direction of the L.Orbeli Institute of Physiology, NAS of Armenia is neurophysiology - study of integrative, plastic properties of the nervous system, mechanisms of central regulation of the motor and autonomic functions, as well as elaboration of practical recommendations on the basis of data obtained.

The following investigations are carrying out for establishing: the mechanisms of functional organization and plasticity of brain stem motor structures; the role of deep brain structures in regulatory mechanisms of the organism’s autonomic functions; the morphological-functional organization and mechanisms of plastic recovery of the central nervous system during acute and chronic neurodegeneration and under the conditions of biomodulators action; the mechanisms of origin and regulation of spontaneous (pacemaker) activity of smooth muscle fibers, particularly in the ureter; the morphological-chemical functional peculiarities in the nerve and vessel cellular populations; the problems of synaptic plasticity of the nervous system with application of mathematical modeling; the biorhythmic peculiarities of the mechanisms of human brain activity regulation; the neurophysiological mechanisms of plasticity of the injured nervous system and on its basis elaboration of therapeutic rehabilitation methods; the central and peripheral mechanisms of organism’s temperature homeostasis and adaptability; the influence of neurochemical mechanisms of action of venoms on the nervous system and their standardization; the integrative condition of the biological systems through distant action of the "Bioscop" complex.

The study of the reparative processes of the injured nervous system may serve as a basic for elaboration of effective methods of positive action on them. By use of "Bioscop" complex, elaborated in the Institute, an opportunity for express method of definition of influence of different medications on the organism can be achieved. Application of computer methods of checkup the functional condition of the brain may provide opportunity to promote the diagnosis of a number of diseases. On the basis of study of venoms there was elaborated the in-vitro express analysis method for definition of attribute of the venom lebetina viper.

The Memorial-House Museum of the Brothers Orbeli in Tsaghkadzor

The museum was opened in 1982 July 6. The town of Tsaghkadzor is one of the health resorts of the Republic of Armenia, and the only cultural centre is the Brothers Orbeli Museum.
There are 1700 exhibits in the museum. For more details go to Orbeli Museum website.

The museum named after Konrad Lorenz

The exhibition hall has been opened in 2016 at Orbeli Institute of Physiology, and it is dedicated to the Armenian period of Konrad Lorenz.