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L. A. Orbeli Institute of
Physiology NAS RA



Psychophysiological expert polygraph tests Confocal scanning 3D microscope

The Laboratory of Psychophysiology conduct psycho-physiological studies of personnel and provision with psychological security of personell using multi-professional computer polygraph (lie detector) applying method of instumental documentation of lie. Read more...

The Leica TCS SPE is a true confocal microscope system for entry-level areas. The system was designed for confocal recording (laser scanning images) of fluorescence-marked living and fixed specimens as well as for quantitative measurements in the area of life science. Read more...

Animal house Histology and Histochemistry

Non-pure bred animals: rodents, rabbits etc.
For more information please contact Hovhannes Madatyan. Tel: (010) 22 17 54, (093) 54 51 90