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L. A. Orbeli Institute of
Physiology NAS RA



Psychophysiological expert polygraph tests Confocal scanning 3D microscope

The Laboratory of Psychophysiology conduct psycho-physiological studies of personnel and provision with psychological security of personell using multi-professional computer polygraph (lie detector) applying method of instumental documentation of lie.

The Leica TCS SPE is a true confocal microscope system for entry-level areas. The system was designed for confocal recording (laser scanning images) of fluorescence-marked living and fixed specimens as well as for quantitative measurements in the area of life science. Read more...

Animal house Histology and Histochemistry

Non-pure bred animals: rodents, rabbits etc.
For more information please contact Hovhannes Madatyan. Tel: (010) 22 17 54, (093) 54 51 90

Diagnostic microscopic consultations of histological slides of biopsies of human organs and tissues. Preparation of histological slides from organs and tissues of experimental animals with subsequent interpretation of the microscopic picture for research purposes. Read more...