L. A. Orbeli Institute of
Physiology NAS RA



The Psycho-physiological Laboratory (PPL) of the L. A. Orbeli Institute of physiology at the RA NAS is carrying out psycho-physiological investigation (PPI) of the personnel and providing psychological security of the HR strategy by applying the multifunctional professional computerized polygraph (lie detector) based on methodology of instrumental documentation of the lie. The scientific and practical implementation of the applied psychophysiology and polygraphology in the investigation and resolving of problems relating to the problems involving the human element (HE), implementation of HR and correction of functional disorders of the nervous system. The PPL conducts an independent HR audit for the government, major and medium-sized commercial enterprises, and organizations of the Republic of Armenia.

The HE-based psycho-physiological investigation and problem solution by means of application of the polygraph – an instrument towards solid foundations of trust in interpersonal relationships.

The HE-based psycho-physiological investigation and problem solution by means of application of the polygraph – an instrument towards solid foundations of trust in interpersonal relationships.

Polygraph-based Testing։ the psycho-physiological investigation (PPI) towards revealing of a concealed information («culprit knowledge») by the candidates for professional proficiency.

Complex Psychological Testing: producing of a psychological portray based on biological specificities of a person, identification of risk zones within the HR strategy, development of recommendations and predictions in HR career.

Assessment of the reliability of the provided information: identification of the trust threshold in the context of «employer-employee» professional relationships.

Psychological consultation: 1) psychoanalysis, psycho-correction of the functional disorders of the nervous system (stresses, acute and chronic depressions, neuroses of different ethiologies) and pernicious habits (alco-, drug-, tobacco-, gambling addiction); 2) psychological post-stress accompaniment , training and monitoring of the personnel through an integral system of a Complex Psychological Survey (CPS).

Security and quality issues are operatively and effectively resolved by the polygraph while: 1) revealing biological peculiarities, 2) psychological illnesses and deviations, 3) weak and strong sides of an individuality, 4) concealed official misfeasance, 5) official investigation, 6) robbing of material values, 7) smashing of official documentation, 8) falsifying data concerning the personal background, 9) promulgation of a commercial secret, 10) embezzlement of property or money and otherwise hidden information.

Resolution of issues relating to conflicting situations in the collective: 1) identification, prevention, and resolution of conflicting situations and maintenance of healthy microclimate in a collective; 2) identification of weak and strong individual sides inherent by co-workers while discharging functional official duties (FOD).

Receipt and development of personal data directly from an employee and by his own consent with a view to: 1) provide assistance toward his employment, training, and career growth; 2)control the quality and quantity of the work being done; 3) ensure security of the property of the respective enterprise.

Containment effect of PPI: the employee who is advised about the possibility of a polygraph testing, as a rule, avoids violations of the enterprise security regime, i.e. is obvious the psychological brake precluding him from inflicting a financial and material damage to the enterprise, and ultimately – from committing an offence.

Professional selection and attesting/re-attesting of the personnel: the decrease in risk and potential losses as to the official negligence or individual and psychological and professional ineptitude of the personnel, reverts in the enhancement of profitability and compatibility of the enterprise.

The cost of services PPI with use of polygraph on verification for one person

Screening of the evidence relating to embezzlements/offences Up 50 000 AMD
Screening while taking on the job Up 50 000 AMD
Prophylactic screening of the personnel Up 50 000 AMD
Conduct of official investigation Up 60 000 AMD
Forensic psycho-physiological expertise Up 200 000 AMD
Adultery Up 50 000 AMD
Positive sport motivaton up 50 000 AMD
Positive work motivaton up 50 000 AMD
Leak of classified information Up 50 000 AMD
Theft of wealth up 50 000 AMD
Breach of security up 50 000 AMD

The services has been calculated on companies, enterprises and organizations which take care of their psycho-physiological (HR, internal), information, and economic security, wishing to have dependable, upright, and qualified specialists.

Services are offered after a 100% prepayment, on the day following the confirmation by a bank.

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